Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Feelings (whoa whoa whoa) Feelings

did the title make you flashback to Barry Manilow?

Record of the broad range of feelings I experienced yesterday (and most everyday, really):

Satisfaction -- actually getting some things checked off my to do list while on Spring Break

Joy -- that I am alive and breathing today

Amusement -- over our three year old's animated personality and funny antics

Anger -- because of the self-centeredness I see in our lives--don't want to be this way and yet we are.

Exhiliration -- when favorite player Yadier Molina hit his career's first grand slam (on opening day, even!)

Pride -- that I even knew and cared about that last bit of baseball trivia

Angst -- trying not to get sucked into our performance driven culture...yet wanting so much for us and our children to give our all for Jesus in this life

Anticipation -- of going out of town at the end of the week!

Frustration -- over the sin in my life and in those areas I feel stuck (ugh!!!)...

Enjoyment -- of the beautiful spring weather

Thankfulness -- for our thoughtful friend who cooked us dinner last night and spent time hanging with our fam

Hopefulness -- this is going to be the day my three year old no longer wears diapers...

Defeat -- "hi...you think you could pick up some diapers on your way home?"

Solitude -- as my kids all played outside

Discomfort -- while hobbling through my five mile run after running a race on Saturday...

Rejection/Condemnation -- longing for some relationships to be closer than they are...wondering why they're not and what we are doing wrong...

Acceptance -- thankful that God's love through Jesus is unconditional

Determined -- to not let unfruitful feelings and thoughts have reign in me

Love -- as we played outside last night

Contentment -- snuggling up on the couch with our kids watching an American Girl movie

Amazement -- watching Butler play their heart out

Disappointment -- seeing 'the agony of defeat' displayed all over their faces as they walked off the floor...

Peaceful -- knowing that this world is not my home, and that my hope is in Christ alone

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