Monday, May 2, 2011

Raining down tears

When I was in college I spent a summer in Europe. The day that I left to come back to the states, it was pouring down rain. My host family said, 'it is so sad you are leaving; the sky is even sad--it is pouring down tears.' Well, I thought of that very statement this morning as I awoke to rain and as it has continued to rain all the day long. Because today we had to say good-bye. Today it felt like the sky was sad and raining down its tears.

Dear friends, Tom and Ross--close to our heart friends--left Louisville today to move to Cleveland, Ohio. They are planting a church off of our church. We are going to miss them so much. He was our pastor; but more than that, he was a friend. She was our pastor's wife, but more than that, she was a friend. Watched my four boys wrestle Tom to the ground over and over and over last night. Watched him teach my oldest how to throw a knuckle curve ball. Watched him play football with them...oh, bittersweet, it was.

Special, special people, those two. We might be losing two incredibly gifted people, but today Cleveland is gaining. I am happy for the people of Cleveland today. Just still grieving the loss here. :(

Looking forward to the months and years ahead to see how God moves in the city of Cleveland. There are a multitude of people here in the 'Ville praying and cheering this kingdom work on! Who knew a year ago so many in Louisville would have such a vested prayerful interest in a city on the border of Northern Ohio? Who knew? I guess God did. I guess that's how He works best--always moving, dividing and shaking things up in the beloved interest of His people.

Anywho, Anyhow, Anyway--through all the moving and changing--one thing will always remain the same:


P.S.  Get that guest bedroom ready!  And, for crying outloud, START TEXTING!

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flossy said...

Oh- we love you Grogans SO MUCH. Thanks for the blog- so encouraging to us. And yes, the guest room is getting ready and Tom is looking at texting plans as I write. BTW, Arby's mocha iced coffee is just as good if not better than the good ole Java Chip- discovered that on our drive up. Love you girl.
P.S.- Jeremiah could probably go pro right now as a quarterback :)