Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grogan Homeschool Graduation

At the end of May we held our second ever homeschool graduation for Grogan Christian Academy (GCA).  Our first graduation was two years ago...then we skipped last year because we were just too tired.  But somehow we got a second wind this year and decided to have one.

Sophie made programs of the agenda.  I made a slideshow of our year.  I also printed off award certificates to give out at the end of the program.  We borrowed a 'podium' (a.k.a. music stand) from our neighbors.  We borrowed caps and gowns from our other neighbors.  We borrowed a big screen and projector to show the slide show.  Then we held a graduation practice to make sure everyone knew what they were doing.

Here is the set up of the room:

As our guests filed in, Sophie handed out the programs.  Then our graduates lined up in the dining room, awaiting their cue to file in.  Their 'cue' was not 'Pomp and Circumstance', because that song just didn't seem to fit.  No, instead it was 'Kenkraft 400' by Zombie Nation (you know, the music that is played when the Louisville Cardinal starting five is announced).  So Principal Dad announced each of our graduates and they grooved on in.

Here are our graduates.  I know you are wondering why Sophie and Jeremiah are wearing caps and gowns...well, it's because the others didn't pass this year.  Kidding!  Sophie is going into 6th grade and since this the big middle school transition she is wearing a gown.  Jeremiah is going into 1st grade, but since we were too tired to have a graduation last year for Kindergarten, we thought he could graduate retroactively.  And Preschooler Owen has his baseball hat on backwards, of course.

Next, Principal Dad opened us in prayer and then gave his speech, pulling out his I-pad to give us some statistics in regards to homeschooling for all the sceptics in the room.  Actually, this was just to be funny--but the statistics were definitely interesting. 

Then we watched a presentation by Preschooler Owen and 2nd grader Jeremiah.  They did a dance with motions (choreographed by Sophie) to the song 'Do the Mooshu' by Vegetales.

2nd grader Jeremiah did some recitations:  'Thirty Days Hath September' and 'Mr. Nobody'. 

7th grader, 6th grader, and 4th grader Joshua, Sophie and Wes did scripture recitations.

Wes Grogan read aloud his Abraham Lincoln report

Joshua and Sophie presented the History timeline.

Then, I presented the awards.  Our 7th grader got the Excellent Writer Award and the Science Award and the Leadership Award.  Our 6th grader got the Excellence in English and Math Award and 'Best Helper' Award.  Our 4th grader got an Excellence in  Math Award and Spelling award and the 'Most Obedient' Award.  Our 1st grader received a Reading award and 'The Peacemaker' Award (this basically meant he kept the peace with his rowdy playmate Owen all year) and the 'Best Hugger Ever!' Award.   Last, but not least, Preschooler Owen received the 'Best Singer' Award and the 'Most Polite' Award (this got a few raised eyebrows) and also 'The Best Hugger Ever!' Award.

Here I am presenting awards, looking very serious-teacherish.

Owen, anxiously anticipating his awards.  Looks so angelic--maybe awards are the way to his heart?  Tedd Tripp might not agree with me on that one.

A finale was then performed by Owen, Jeremiah and special guest Polly Bates, followed by a slideshow of our year.

Here is a portion of our lovely audience, looking on:

Lastly, Joshua and Wes performed a piano concert while we wined and dined on chips and salsa.

A graduation dinner of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs was enjoyed by all.

And that, my friends, was the GCA Graduation.


Justin P. Lewis said...

I think you and Eric need to don some ceremony robes next year. Gotta class it up a bit, I mean Eric is wearing a visor. And you played a Louisville Cardinals song? That itself squashes any credibility. :)

Actually, that looks really neat. Thanks for sharing.

P.S. I passed my exam I was in Louisville to take.

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