Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Love....

  • I love the smell of Fall, the cool breeze on my face when i am outside, the smell of leaves burning
  • I love pumpkin muffins, especially chocolate chip ones
  • I love that my five year old plays football outside with his brothers, sporting bright yellow rain boots with gym shorts that are too big for him. i also love that he can get tackled 125 times and not care.
  • I love the fact that i have 55 brand new coats collected from our sweet Fellowship sitting in my Dining Room to be delivered to Wayside Christian Mission.
  • I love that my kids love running! I love the encouragement of yelling and cheering each other on from the sidelines during the races.
  • I love my Romans bible study -- absolutely has been life changing. Maybe I love it so much because I love Romans; maybe I love Romans so much because I love God's Word; maybe I love His Word so much because I love my Jesus and my life is radically different with Him in my life...
  • I love when my two year old comes downstairs in the morning half asleep and all squinty-eyed
  • I love that my two year old follows my five year old around all day long and does everything that he does
  • I love that my 11 year old sat in the front seat of the van last night on the way home from our Community Group, trying to get pictures for his Photography class. I love that he was jerking the camera at the last minute, trying to blur the lights in the picture, saying it was a special technique.
  • I love my running time with my friend, Amy Jo. I cherish this time on Wednesdays.
  • I love our Fun Fridays of classes -- especially love that my 11, 9 and 7 year old are doing Public Speaking together. Practicing their speeches for one another has been hilariuosly fun and memorable
  • I love the Sunday night prayer time with our church
  • I love Mac Powell's voice --loved experiencing it up close and personal Saturday night with friends. I hope that in heaven we can experience a continous Third Day concert from front row seats.
  • I love that my daughter looks exactly like Laura Ingalls when she wears her prairie dress. I love the fact that she wants to dress up and play like she is from this period in history...
  • I love studying American History. I can't wait to travel with Eric to NY City and Boston in three weeks and study our heritage upclose and personal.
  • I love listening to Janet Parschall
  • I love the books I have just read The Hole in the Gospel, and Same Kind of Different as Me
  • I am loving the book 'Crazy Love' -- got a feeling it, too, is going to be one of those life changing books...
  • I love our church that God is growing and building up and adding the sweet the expository the worship...Love that it's big on Truth and Grace
  • I love that my 7 yo lives and breathes baseball.
  • I love how much my 2 yo loves his daddy
  • I love mornings, the dawn of a new day

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