Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well, it's here. It's official. The Big E is finally the Big 4-0 today! Eric, here are 40 things I LOVE about the you, the love of my life:

  1. Your love for the Lord. So there. So real. So noticeable. So contagious.
  2. Your steadiness, your calmness, your coolness amidst my yo-yo ness and flightiness.
  3. Your dedication to running and triathloning--it is a physical representation to those around you of persevering with the Lord through trials and tribulations. Don't ever give this up. Our children are learning so much from you!
  4. The fact that you could care less about what others think.
  5. You are a great listener.
  6. You take prayer seriously and I know you are praying for me and our kids.
  7. That you like the beach and the ocean as much as I do.
  8. Your theology is sound but you are not all 'theological'.
  9. You are the most loyal person I know.
  10. You make me coffee. You bring me coffee. You love coffee.
  11. You do the things behind the scenes at our house so that homeschooling will work for us.
  12. Watching you coach our kids makes me happy.
  13. You make a mean breakfast.
  14. You've always dressed up as whoever I want you to at our kid's birthday parties.
  15. You leave me notes
  16. Your dry wit and how unassuming it is.
  17. You look mighty fine in a cowboy hat
  18. The fact that you text me. It makes me feel special.
  19. You pray with me.
  20. You still date me.
  21. Your 'just wing it' mentality.
  22. You are very thoughtful and 'wordy' when you give cards to me or anyone else. You don't just sign your name. I love that.
  23. The special bond that you and Owen share makes me smile.
  24. You do laundry better than I do (ok, that is not saying much, but still)
  25. Your singing voice that i get to hear every Sunday beside me at church. Your voice is my favorite (well, maybe after Mac Powell....okay, your voice is my second favorite)
  26. Cheering you on at a race has been some of the best times of my life.
  27. You are one of the most giving people I know.
  28. Your burden for helping the poor, the downtrodden, the hungry, the orphaned.
  29. You never complain. EVER.
  30. How you bust out with something funny at the most unexpected times...like doing cheerleading moves with the girls at Wayside :)
  31. You have that 'cool' component that I have never had. And you still love me, even though I am uncool.
  32. You are not perfect and you don't try to act like it.
  33. That you lead our family by serving us. You are a true example of a Servant Leader.
  34. Our weekly date, watching 'The Office'. So glad you share this same kind of humor!
  35. You let me have time to myself whenever i need it.
  36. The fact that you are not materialistic in the least bit.
  37. You continue to organize our cabinets even though I keep messing them up.
  38. You are involved in our kid's lifes.
  39. You're hot.
  40. The fact that you still love me after all of these years, despite all of my hang ups


I hope you have felt extra special this week!!!!

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Ogle said...

How honoring!!!!