Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Favorite Blog of 2009

Today we built our whole devotional time around this story. This is my very favorite blog of 2009 (and maybe ever). You have to go and read about a girl who decided to trust God above all else. It will absolutely blow your mind and then you will be hooked--just like me.



Cathy said...

I am exhausted from the Christmas chaos and have spent hours now reading this site. I am consumed by my own selfishness and my frustration. I have 4, not 14 and only one with severe special needs in a modern environment. I have sobbed my way through and am now confident, I need to change my readin material. Instead of facebook pictures of Christmas brunches, tablescapes and cute shoes, I need to remember and read about what really matters.... I am doing the right thing. I so understand being viewed as crazy or wierd. I so need reminding that I need God's approval and not others. I so needed reminding that many have far more difficult roads than mine and that YES!! all children matter. Thank you.

Maria said...

Cathy, I am in constant need of a change of perspective...I'm all the time falling to the temptation of seeing things through the lens of my rich, gluttonous life. Rich and gluttonous may sound harsh but it is so true!

Even if you only have one with severe special needs and much help at your fingertips, I can only imagine how exhausting things can get sometimes. I am so proud of you! I am committing to pray regularly for you this year--for renewed energy and joy in the journey and treasured moments with your Savior!