Monday, May 12, 2008

Congrats Jeff and Reagan!

My brother, Jeff, married Reagan on Saturday May 10, 2008. They couldn't have picked a more beautiful day; it was sunny yet high 60's/low 70' humidity...perfect!
Here is a recap of the day:
Reagan and all us bridesmaids met at 10:30 AM to get our hair done. It is always so much fun to have your hair done before a big event, and especially fun to do it with those you will be with!
Sophie got her hair done, too.

The Wedding began at 3:30--boy, that time got her quickly! The service was absolutely beautiful, yet simple. Not frilly, yet elegant. It was perfect. It was so 'Reagan' and I loved it because of that. It was also extremely moving and emotional with my mother having died so recently. We all felt her absence. She would have loved everything about it. Partially because she was so happy and excited about them getting married and partially because Reagan and my mom are a lot alike and she would have loved the ceremony. I think that is what drew Jeff to Reagan from the beginning--that she is so similar to my mom in so many ways. While my mom wasn't their physically she was definitely there in spirit. Reagan's niece, Kylie, and Reagan and Jeff's daughter, Mindy, were flower girls. Shane, our nephew, was the ring bearer.

Maid of honor, Dana, and sweet Mindy Moo:(our family posing for a quick pic:)
Brian, my brother, was the best man and Amanda, Reagan's sister was the matron of honor. Both of them had very sweet, memorable yet also hysterically funny speeches at the reception!

People traveled near and far. We were blessed and surprised by these attendees:
Bobby drove up from Florida
Tracy flew in from Texas
Dad and Dee flew in from California.
Check out that white tux (Retro is back!)

After the 'food fight',
everyone cut a rug to popular hits such as 'Chicken Dance' , 'Rocky Top', 'YMCA'.

...and DJ 'Jim' kept things cooking :) !
It was a FUN, Fuquayish kind of night...


You're going to fit right in :)


milton and lucys said...

had a nice visit with the boys on sat.
i am still laughing about their lunch, a typical kelle lunch, some provolone cheese, oreos, and a hot gatorade! i must be turning into my grandmother, she used to feed us raw hotdogs and hot coke in the bottle when we would visit her!
one weekend this summer your going to have to send sophie down for some girl time!

Maria said...

Ha! They must have liked it because they had a great time! Sophie would love that, most definitely! Hey, I can't get on your blog--I forgot my password. will you send me a new invitation?