Monday, May 5, 2008


Meet the Fab Four. The dynamic team of Eric, Mike, Trey and Adam. They ran the Flying Pig Marathon yesterday in Cinncinati, Ohio! Yea! What a foursome! While they live in different cities (two live in henderson, KY, one in Nashville, TN and one in Louisville, KY), they 'trained together' by keeping up with each other's training strategy and doing their 'long weekend runs' together when they could.

Myself, my sister in law Kelle (Adam's wife) and Kelle's sister Whitney (Trey's wife) along with four of our kids wound our way through Cincy to mile 10, mile 20 and the Finish to cheer for them. The Fab Four stayed together almost the entire race, spurring one another on. They finally began breaking away from each other around mile 21 or 22 and finished as follows: Adam - 3:40:13; Mike - 3:41:06; Trey - 3:41:45; Eric - 3:42:17. Wow. That's just about all I can say. Wow.
I am so inspired and impressed with each of them for different reasons. Adam, because he always finds a way to dig down deep inside of himself and finish strong. He has a ferocious drive and determination. I'm pretty sure I've never seen him have a 'bad' race. He is intensely focused and is able to keep the others 'on task'. Way to go, Adam! Mike is SO impressive because this is his very first marathon! His first 'mini' was just a year ago and now he's cranking out 26.2 like it's nothing. On top of all that, his wife was unable to come because she began having some pre labor contractions. (She is pregnant with #3). Still, even without his 'backbone' of support, he was able to stay focused and crank out an incredible marathon. Mike, you are a bulldozer! Now Trey is one of those runners whom I'm pretty sure always has a smile on his face, even when it's painful. He puts his heart into it. He runs because he loves it and his love for it is contagious. He keeps it fun for himself and those around him. Thanks for making it joyful, Trey! Eric finished with his best personal time ever! He never ceases to amaze me. He is the most disciplined, consistent, rock solid day in, day out person I know. Seeing these qualities displayed tangibly through the marathon was, well, it was something--I just don't think I can put pen to paper to describe you, and so, so proud of you!
Now, Kelle, Whit, myself, along with our kids had quite the adventure. Maneuvering in and out of side streets, up and down hills in the big, white machine (our 12 passenger van) was no small feat. We withstood bone chilling morning temps as well as many interesting sights to withhold such as these:

Cheering on runners was so, so fun!!! It was fulfilling to encourage people who are trying to accomplish a big goal.

The Fab Four just might have to make a comeback in the future. Why don't you make it a yearly thing? I vote for NYC or DC next time. Here's to a great weekend of sweat, grit and accomplishment! It was so inspiring, I think you've convinced me to make the crossover from mere 'spectator' to 'competitor'; at least once, anyway! I'll have to find a different group to train with though. There is no way I could hang with the Fab Four!



the redhead said...

thanks for sending the pics and thanks for maneuvering us in the big white van.

what a great weekend. i vote for NYC next year ;)

looking forward to keeping up with you guys now that you entered the blogging world.

eric grogan said...

thanks so much for your words...there is no way i could have raced my race without your PRAYERS, support, and encouragement...your awesome..I Love You.

RedThree said...

I give all glory to God. It is through him that I was blessed with Whitney and thusly blessed with knowing your family.

susan said...

just found your blog thru whitney. so sad i missed being at the pig with you all--but appreciate more than you'll ever know how much you all supported and motivated mike in our absence! maybe we can do a mini as couples next year and have the fab 8!!
take care, susan vickers

Maria said...

I'm all for it! So sorry you could not be there; we missed you!