Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another 'Wes-ism'

Our six year old, Wes (who is our #3 child, so he is right smack dab in the middle!), is our most observant child and is what we like to call 'our thinker'. His wheels are always turning as he watches the things around him. He is also very 'out of the box'. Couple this with a dry sense of humor and you get some of the funniest off the cuff comments and discussions out of him. The other day he was helping me fold clothes. As he was folding underwear he said:

"You know, when I was little, you know like three or four, when we were coming out of church I would look at everybody walking out and I would think that they had the same kind of underwear on as me. And then I would think that would be really wierd if everybody was walking out of church with just their underwear on...But now that I'm older I know that there are lots of different kinds of underwear...and daddys underwear looks a lot different than my underwear..."

So there you have it. Another 'Wes-ism'.

The next time you are walking by a child at church--BEWARE--they just might be thinking about your underwear! :)

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the redhead said...

Hey, i think trey and i are going to crash the Grogan family lake trip next weekend! ;) Looking forward to seeing all of you.