Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to our Oldest!

So, we recently learned of a really fun tradition that a family we know does on each of their children's birthdays.  They make up a birthday limerick about that child and put it on their answering machine.  We wanted to adopt this tradition, but we don't have a home phone nor an answering machine.  But we do have this blog!

So, Joshua--this one's for you!  We love you so very much!
Josh Grogan, blonde-headed and tan,
He's always been focused and planned,
With well-balanced meals,
And repeat running drills,
We thank God for this gifted young man!

My due date was February 12.  And of course, Joshua was punctual, born right on time on February 12, 1998, at 8:56 in the morning.  Today, punctuality is still important to him.  He plans out his day to the nth degree and has a specific time for everything he does.  It is all thought out and well-planned, down to the very last detail.  

As a new-born, he got ruffled easily if his schedule and environment weren't just so-so.  He is still characterized by such today.  He likes things a certain way and can be a bit inflexible at times :) .

He lined up his animals and cars as a toddler, spending hours on the set up.  Today, he no longer lines up things, but oh, does he plan everything out to the very last detail.  Schedule-oriented, driven and focused--I love all these things that make him who he is.

He loves cross country and track--it is his passion.  I will be sharing a story about him and his running that happened this past fall--one of my very favorites...I'll write it when I can find a minute (which happens to not be now!) :)

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