Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My long-haired babe is Ten!

Our middle-born son is named Wes,
When asked to do chores he says, 'Yes',
Baseball is his game,
Yet running's his fame,
Mama WON'T cut his hair, I confess!

My Top Ten on the Tenth:
  1. The hair--what can I say?  I'm your mama and I have my priorities!
  2. Your big smile and the way it takes over your face
  3. Watching you run is one of my favorite things
  4. Watching you on the baseball field is one of my other favorite things
  5. Your quiet presence--it always has a way of making a 'presence', even though you aren't trying to
  6. That you can bust a move--again it's unexpected, which makes it all the more funny
  7. Your diligence and hardwork ethic you've inherited from your daddy and big bro'
  8. Can I just say shirtless and compression shorts?  The slimness makes me smile every time...oh, what I would give for one-tenth of that!
  9. Really proud of how hard you are working in school this year, especially how you have stuck it out in Math when it's been hard and how now you're starting to see the this about you!
  10. Your new found interest in the Racers and the fact that all you want for your birthday is MSU gear sure does make these alum-parents happy!
I could go on...the fact that you've conquered the Bop-it and made it to the 'master' level, your loyalty to your friends, your obedience factor...of course if I name these things, too, then I would be naming the 'Top 13' and this momma would be having a tougher time than she already is! ( and let's not go borrowing trouble....)

So instead, I will just relish today, this day when you are '10', remembering that special day ten years ago when your daddy had to be summoned by loud speaker in the hospital cafeteria because you decided to be born while he was in the middle of grabbing some lunch.

And it's been one sweet interruption after another ever since.

Ironically, ten years ago we had JUST moved here and JUST settled into on your tenth, your double-digit milestone, we are preparing to move to a new town...ten more years, Lord willing, of new memories and new adventures...



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D said...

Happy Birthday to one amazing kid! Love, The Hardy Family