Sunday, August 3, 2008

Polly Grogan Bates Reunion

We went to the lake for our annual Polly Bates Grogan family reunion. This was year #6 and I think my favorite so gets better every year! The kids live for this weekend!!! Thanks, Mi and Gigi! You guys rock!


rhonda said...

the richard's are coming next year.....invite or not. we're there!!!!!!!!!
you all have such an AWESOME family!!!!!!!!

Maria said...

please come! The more the merrier!

Gods Girl Pearl said...

What a goodlooking bunch! I love your family!!!

Alright now!!! If other people are coming you know the Gold's are there too. I at least want the t-shirt.

Maria said...

The Gold's on our lake trip--now that would be something to look forward to. Come on!