Friday, August 22, 2008

A Sweet Birthday Present

This morning I had to do my dreaded long run for the week--seventeen miles. I was dreading it, anticipating it and scared out of mind all at the same time. Today also happens to be my birthday. And my sweet husband and kids did something worth more than a hundred presents. They surprised me at mile 8 (literally--by jumping out from behind the bushes) with signs sporting my marathon bible verses and with yelling and hugging and cheering! And they had Grape G2 waiting for me--my favorite gatorade drink of all time! It was like an oasis in a desert. I thought when I walked out this morning that the humidity was low but was I ever wrong! I had just thought in my head, I wished I had some gatorade--I don't know if I can run the rest of this thing without it. So they were such a welcomed sight! Then, at mile 12--once again, there they sat in the white van with more gatorade and more cheering! Then at mile 16 (one mile to go) they had more gatorade more cheering and little runners who decided to run the last mile with me! What a sweet cheerleading crew and what a sweet birthday present. Love you guys---you are the best!!!!

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