Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vacation Countdown

3 more days until we are at this house! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are going to Destin, Florida and staying seven days. I CANNOT WAIT. This is my most favorite family time we spend together all year long. We relax and kick back and do absolutely nothing. Here is what I like most about our vacation:

  • Going in August makes us anticipate it and look forward to it all summer. It is also a great refresher before the school year kicks off. And it is almost half the price. And it is not crowded at all!
  • No cleaning, no bills, no phone, no worries.
  • Drinking coffee on the front porch
  • 'Phase 10' tournaments on the front porch
  • The front porch
  • watching my kids play on the beach with their daddy
  • spending individual time with each of our children
  • playing all of our favorite boardgames
  • having bible study in the morning on the veranda off of our bedroom
  • kicking back and actually getting to lounge around and watch tv
  • Reading, reading, and more reading!
  • The crazy backroad route my husband takes to get us there
  • Browsing the beach shops---not really sure why I like this
  • Twilight on the beach with picnic in tow
  • taking cute beach pics
  • early morning runs beachside
  • big breakfasts (actually, I don't like breakfast all that much, but I do enjoy the fact that Eric makes all of them on vacation!, now that I think about it, he makes all of them at home too. Oh well, anyway, there is something about them being special on vacation!)
  • having cinnamon raisin bagels and strawberry cream cheese, pretzel sticks and Mountain Dew and Double stuffed Oreos...for whatever reason, these things we don't typically eat but always buy to eat on vacation. And we crave it like crazy.
  • Going running beachside
  • playing in the sand
  • searching for seashells
  • catching crabs
  • riding the waves
  • eating seafood out
  • playing miniature golf
  • the front porch--did I say that already?
  • shopping the discount scrapbook store
  • walks on the beach
  • dates with my husband
  • celebrating my birthday in our most favorite place with my favorite people

    OHHH, I can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!! It's so close I can almost smell it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I don't like about our vacation:

  • Leaving.

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rhonda said...

annaleigh and i will be standing on our front porch waiting to be picked up.... nice.