Friday, October 24, 2008

Enter the Story: Advent Conspiracy

Wow, Love this! SOOO Convicting! Every year, Eric and I say we are so going to do Christmas differently....I think this year just might be the year that we radically change our focus. More to come on this subject....


Cathy said...

I absolutely love this. Brian and I have discussed asking the bazillion family members we still exchange gifts with to give us Haitian goats in connection with a friends mission work. This is really convicting about many other changes we need to consider. You have got to tell me how to add video like this to my blog. I am VERY technologically illiterate!

Brittney said...

okay so i found your blog on Christy's a while back and didn't ever comment b/c i was like...she'll think I'm a stalker or something....but yeah whatever! This is random but I thought about you today b/c at church a couple sang the song by big tent revival two sets of Jones' and your sub title has about just another set of Jones' trying to build your house upon the rock...I have never heard that song before today and now after hearing it I am assuming that your sub tittle is referring the song? Am I right?
Also, i really like the video you posted! Seriously the facts it entails are pretty CRAZY!
One more thing...i know i don't know you really only through Christy but for real i just want you to know i love you b/c ya'll are best friends and when she tells me about you it makes me really happy. I love ya'lls friendship. I know it is hard when you don't live near your best friend and true best friends are hard to come by! I love that you really love Jesus and have a big family! okay yeah anyways....know that i enjoy your blog :)

Maria said...

Oh, I am not sure I know how to tell you, but go to You tube (double click on this video to get there). Under the video there are 'share' options...I don't know how to tell you from there :( (once you figure it out, you no longer have to set it up, that's why I am not sure how to tell you)

thanks so much for all of your encouraging words! I don't think you're a blog stalker--I am SO glad you commented! By the way, I noticed you have a blog and when I get two seconds I am adding you to my blogroll! Yes, my title is about that song...I wanted that song to play when you click on my blog but I can't find it on anyone's list to copy. I LOVE the fact that you and Christy have the relationship you all have! I love the fact that we can all stay up on each other thru the blog world!
I will be keeping updated thru your blog and thru Christy about your upcoming mission trip--know I am praying for you!!!

Maria said...

cathy, When I get two seconds, I am adding you to my blogroll too!!! By the way, I love the name of your blog--did I tell you that already?