Friday, October 24, 2008

Tired of It

  • I am tired of the liberal media...they make my blood boil.

  • I am tired of the endless jabs, remarks, punches at Sara Palin
  • Iam tired of the remarks about Sara Palin's wardrobe. If you are going to make a big deal about the amount of money being spent on stuff like this, than disclose it on ALL sides. Definitely, it is ridiculous, but make a big deal about ALL of the money WASTED on stuff like this.

  • I am tired of the media's ability to go in and try to destroy a plumber's life in one day just because he had a different opinion and questioned the policies of the candidate they endorse.

  • I am tired of the media that will probe and prod into the life of a plumber, an ordinary guy just trying to make a living, going to all lengths to try and discredit him, yet won't even consider looking into the background of someone running for president.

  • I am tired of a media that won't seriously investigate and question relationships that a person RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT has had with a person who bombed our country and is still glad he did it.

    • I am tired of what both the Democratic and Republican Party have come to represent.
    • I am tired of all the time spent yelling back and forth about who stands for what and the twisting and turning of verbage until you have to be a law professor to even know what they are talking about.
    • I am tired of the corruption in our government and the money that is WASTED while 143 million orphans are going hungry each and every day
    • I am tired of this post.


    God's Girl Pearl said...

    I am tired too. So therefore, I am not leaving a comment.

    Just kidding!

    All I can say is "Amen" sister. I think FOX news needs to have you on their show.

    Call you later.

    Smelling Coffee said...

    I'm tired of those things, too! (Except of your post...) :-)