Tuesday, May 12, 2009

His Debut

You would think watching the first t-ball game for your third son would become old hat--that it would lose it's excitement since you have been there and done that with your two older sons. But it doesn't. Jeremiah had his very first t-ball game yesterday and it was so exciting, so fun and so precious. He has been waiting and waiting for this moment to come. Yesterday afternoon he could hardly contain himself as he asked me twenty-five times if it was time yet.

When he took the field, you could tell that he thought he was hot stuff. His face was one big smile. He actually made two outs and he is still talking about it. Watching the younger ones in their events is all the merrier because the older ones can share in the joy of cheering them on. For me, that is a priceless family memory--sitting together as a family and supporting and encouraging each other in our events.

This morning he came downstairs already proudly wearing his baseball hat. The best part of watching my boys play baseball and other sports is watching them do something they love. When they can't suppress the smile on their face you know they are operating in their 'sweet spot'.

By the way, there was a little boy on the other team that Sophie and I wanted to take home with us. He was the smallest one on the team. His shirt came down to his knees and he had on skinny little black jeans. His hat engulfed his little head. He was beyond cuteness. If I had had a camera I would have taken a picture of him.

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God's Girl Pearl said...

You need to put us a video of his next game on here. I would love to see him play.