Friday, May 8, 2009

My Daughter the Teacher

Today I went to lunch with a friend. Eric was on a conference call in his office when I left. So, I put Joshua and Sophie in charge until he was done. Now, Joshua had some reading to do and Sophie kind of took over the 'being in charge' part. She loves to be in charge. And she decided they were going to do school while I was gone.

All year long she has been 'teaching' my four year old preschool. My four year old, at this point, is getting rather tired of doing school. You should see his expressions when she yells, "Jeremiah, it's time for school!" He stomps into the school room, muttering things like, "Oh, great!" Recently, she has gotten Owen in on the action. Since it is still all new to him, he actually sits there and participates. It's a trip!
Well, today while I was at lunch, she called me three times, asking me if 'her students' could do this or do that. The second phone call entailed asking me if she could give her students a bath. What in the world? What in the world? Where in the world is your father? No, you cannot give them a bath!

So...I get home later and find out the 'why' behind wanting to give them baths. She decided today was 'picture day' at preschool and wanted to get them all fresh. Since I said no to baths, she put that really stiff hair gel all over their hair--you know the kind that makes it hard and crinkly like straw. Jeremiah has this infatuation for this pink shirt right now--it used to be Joshua', like last year. So it is about two sizes too big. But he soooo wants to wear it. So I guess he picked it for 'picture day'. Check out the shots--they are hilarious:

Nice stance:
This one is particularly nice:Even some graduation pics--she was on top of it.

An action shot--with some illuminating light in the background. Nice touch.Student #2, before hair gel:Student #2, after hair gel:Yep, that's our O Factor!And let's not forget the teacher:

Soph, you make me laugh...i almost laughed about 'Picture Day' as hard as I laughed about Cafe Disco.


Smelling Coffee said...

This was priceless!

Becky said...

I am laughing in tears!!!!

Katie said...

Oh this is adorable! I love it!