Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random Wed. thoughts

  • I can't wait to watch 'Little Guy' play his first t-ball game tonight!
  • Our two year old has been delightful lately--ohhh, I hesitate to say that--I am going to have to eat those words!
  • 'Case of the missing toothbrushes': solved. There is a small whole about an inch in diameter in our drywall behind the bathroom door (where our doorstopper ceased working and caused the door handle to pierce our wall). No, I am not kidding. Owen has been throwing our toothbrushes into this small whole, never to be seen again unless we tear down the wall. So, there sits our six toothbrushes...forever.
  • Last Friday we had the most lame day of school ever. I turned on the History channel and we learned all about the blizzard of 1977 that hit New York and Chicago. Ask my children anything about this. They are now experts.
  • We are SO READY for school to be OVER!
  • I want to go on vacation so I can read the ten books piled up on my bedside table! Life is getting in the way of reading :)


Katie said...

Maria, that is so funny that your toothbrushes are in the wall! Ha ha!

Maria said...

I know--how wierd! two year olds bring out the most unforeseen circumstances!