Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dedicated to the One and Only

My husband turned '39' yesterday! Whooooa, Nelly! I thought we were still in our late 20's!!!????

Here are 39 things I love about my hubby:

  1. His love for the Lord

  2. That he'll do anything for me, even go get me coffee at 5:30 in the morning if we are out.

  3. That he is the person behind the scenes that really makes homeschooling work for us...by pitching in and doing laundry, dirty dishes, you name it!

  4. He is the best daddy in the whole world to our children

  5. The bond that him and our 'Little O Factor' shares.

  6. That he is unimpressed with fashion and labels and outward appearances

  7. He has a heart for the poor, widowed and orphaned

  8. He is a true servant through and through

  9. His work ethic is like no other

  10. He does not do things for accolades or recognition

  11. that he cares about staying physically fit

  12. He prays for me and our children

  13. He knows the Truth but isn't all theological about it. It simply is what it is and that's all that matters!

  14. He goes to the store for us and is really good at it

  15. He does our bills (in my opinion, the yuckiest job in the whole world!)

  16. He loves the Office as much as I do

  17. He gives me free time or 'girl' time whenever I need it

  18. He is organized

  19. He looks good in a cowboy hat
  20. that he likes to coach our kids in sports

  21. that he can strike up a conversation with any stranger on the street

  22. He can paint a wall faster than anyone I know

  23. His discipline

  24. He can see something so black and white and simply that I have over-analyzed for hours.

  25. He rarely worries about anything

  26. He loves the beach

  27. He's got that 'cool' factor that I've never had

  28. He still dates me

  29. He's always game for all the goofy things I ask him to do

  30. He can keep a secret better than anyone I know

  31. He still plays flag football at 39 and is holding strong

  32. that he leaves me notes

  33. He likes me without makeup and doesn't care that I am wearing it less and less these days

  34. He enjoys cooking

  35. the fact that his Starbuck drink is so strong it's hair-raising

  36. his quiet dry wit

  37. He'll take all of our kids out to eat or to the store by himself like its a walk in the park

  38. eating dinner together often is important to him

  39. He is a walking sacrifice for me and our children, sacrificing his wants and desires daily

Eric is not perfect nor will he ever be. He does things to annoy me, frustrate me and get under my skin just as all of our husbands do. But these are the things I love about him and want to celebrate and focus on these things as much as possible!

Happy Birthday, sweet hubby! I LOVE YOU!


God's Girl Pearl said...

Happy Birthday Eric!!! The Gold's love you too.

Top Five Things We Love About Eric:

1) He is Doug's best friend for life even if they don't get to see each other as often as they like. They always seem to pick up where they left off.
2) He takes our kids along with his kids out to eat and to the grocery. Hey, what's two more?
3)His little victory jig that he does for us that makes us laugh.
4)The fact that he dresses up as Elf and runs into Starbucks just like the movie.
5)That he dresses up as Pizza Pat for birthday parties for his kids. We want to rent him out one day. Maybe New Years Eve will be a good time.
6)He is so organized that he lays everything out the night before including putting the bread in the toaster.
7)His little notepad that he keeps stuck on his car window to jot things down so that he won't forget.
8)He is one of the most reliable friends in the world. You can always counting on him being there for you.
9)He is one of the most dedicated and disciplined servants of Christ, father, husband, son and friend,
10)His humility.


eric grogan said...

My name is Eric and I drive a honda....remember that one? You guy's are awesome. Thank you so much for the top ten things. They made me laugh and cry. You made my day. Maria and I are so thankful and blessed to have 'life' friends like you and Doug. See you soon...Love ya!!! Big E!!

Maria said...

Oh, I forgot about the notepad! Those were the days! I miss those days but I especially miss the Gold's! Can't wait for our Gold Grogan reunion on New Year's Eve. I'm bringing Big Doug a party hat!