Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Am So Conflicted Within

I am trying with all of my heart to not be caught up in what's going down with this election but I have to confess I'm having a hard time not. I have a wrenching in my gut that tells me that this election is the most important one thus far in the history of our country. I think that freedoms are at stake, not to mention our safety and our morality. I guess when you are raising five children your instinct within is to shelter them from evil and all that is bad in the world. And there comes the rub. As Christians we are supposed to expect suffering and persecution in this world. In fact, we have it so cush in our country and don't even have a clue about the suffering and persecution going on in the rest of the world. Yet, as a parent, I want to do everything within me to protect my children from experiencing such. My heart is so conflicted within.

There is a movement in the Christian circle that is really fed up with Americans and their lack of concern/ empathy/ care for what is going on elsewhere. I get that. So much of me feels that way too. These Christians have an even rebellious spirit about them. Maybe the rebellion is against the system because they've grown up seeing corruption and greed run so deeply and rampidly through our government. I get that too. I am fed up with that too. They are vying for absolute change. Partly because they are so angry with how our current government is working and partly because they are so angry with Americans and their self centeredness. I understand the anger. I struggle with anger regarding these things too. But I am conflicted within. Throwing out the whole bucket with the water doesn't seem to be the answer. Democracy and freedom is a good thing. The Bible itself promotes private property, justice for all, voluntary care for the poor, low taxes and public policy that favors the debtor instead of the creditor. Our current system is corrupt and does need to be cleaned up but I shudder to think we might vote in 'communism' as the answer.

There are others who are not going to vote. They feel that as Christians we should not even be concerned with the election. God is in control. Jesus wouldn't be concerned with it, why should we? I get that too. However, there are a lot of things we get caught up in our world that Jesus wouldnt bother with too. Sports, television shows, blogging :) , to name a few. Does that mean we don't weigh all the facts that are in front of us and cast our vote? I can't get totally comfortable with throwing my hands up and staying out of it altogether.

Many people laugh at the absurdity of our country actually becoming communistic. They think people are getting all worked up over nothing. I get that. It does seem far fetched. Yet, I have read and done as much homework as I can on our two candidates, and the 'little' info I can find on one of them is alarming. And it is even more alarming that there is such 'little' information. If I owned a company, I wouldn't be able to hire him, there is so little information to obtain on this guy. And the little that is out there, shows real ties to people who hate our country and want to usher in communism. Again, there's the rub. I want to protect my children from a government that will dictate to them how to live. I don't want that for them. The thing is, even though I don't want that for them, it might be God's plan. Maybe God's plan is to usher in a whole different government for our country; maybe he wants to awaken the people in our country from their slumber. God's will is that which will most glorify himself. It is that which will draw people to Him. I know that and am praying for His will even though a large part of me yearns for comfort and security for my children, a future full of baseball, football and such and no worries. ...I feel so conflicted within...

"Ha, Ha, people are communism's going to happen. " I just have a gut wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach that this is no laughing matter.

One thing I know, God's Word tells us we can petition Him about anything. He says to not worry, but to turn those worries into prayers: "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus." Phil. 4:67

I have been praying for forgiveness for being worried; I know He is in control. He is the King of kings, the lord of presidents. So come Tuesday, I will do the only two things that can make a difference. I will cast my vote and then be on my face praying for our country.

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Smelling Coffee said...

What great wisdom, Maria! Thank you for sharing this!