Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Mystery of the Stolen Birthday Cake

So my daughter has been asking daily when I am going to post about her birthday party! This is the same daughter that wants a facebook account--what in the world??!! She's sanguine through and through. So here is a detailed recap of her party:

On Sunday, Nov. 16, we had a surprise birthday party for Soph. It was SO much fun! It was a mystery birthday party. After eating lunch, I informed the 'secret agent' girls that they had been invited over for a top secret mission. I fingerprinted each of them and took their mug shot, telling them they were now part of the 'circle of trust'. I informed them that someone had stolen the birthday cake earlier that morning and they had to figure out who did it. We handed out clipboards with sheets I had made similar to the sheets you use with 'Clue'. There was a list of suspects (with their pics), a list of weapons and a list of rooms the crime could have been committed in. Their job was to narrow it down to who did it, with what weapon and in what room. After they figured out who, with what and where, they had to run outside and find a box. The box contained a walkie talkie with a note to call headquarters with further instructions. They called me telling me that 'Bob Marley' was the culprit. Bob Marley was really Eric wearing a Jamaican wig with dreadlocks. I proceeded to tell them to go in the fort in our backyard and find a basket of balls. They did. Then I yelled, "Look, here comes Bob! Get him!"

Bob (Eric) comes running through the backyard with the stolen birthday cake, shooting them with a nerf gun. They pelted him with balls and finally 'caught' him. Mission Accomplished!

This birthday party was so, so fun (did I say that already?). I wanted to be a detective most of my childhood and even had a 'Snoopy Club'. So, let's just say I really got into this one! I felt nine again.

This day was also my mom's birthday; she would have been 64. She loved birthdays, so celebrating Sophie's birthday on this day seemed the best way to spend it!

These are the 'secret agent' girls:

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