Friday, November 7, 2008

Little Guy

Meet 'Little Guy'. My husband affectiously calls our third boy (fourth child) this and it just suits him. Little Guy captures my heart. I love:

  • his high pitched little voice
  • his hair
  • his brown eyes that are so brown they are almost black
  • that he is a clone of Eric
  • the way he sucks his two fingers and holds his ratty 'sheet' up to his nose (...even though this is going to cost us thousands in dental expenses one day...)
  • that he gives me hugs when I need them the most
  • that he wants to be a baseball pitcher when he grows up
  • his wind up and pitching stance
  • listening to him pitch in the hallway at the front door (with a 'soft' ball, of course) for hours on end as we have school in the next room.
  • how he says 'Sorry!' when he draws a Sorry card.
  • the way he overpuckers his lips when he says 'Mom'
  • his tender heart
  • that he dressed up as Yoda on Halloween and was the smallest, cutest one ever
  • watching him play softball and kickball in the back yard
  • how his tummy suddenly 'really' hurts when it is time to clean up
  • that he is four (STOP GROWING UP! JUST STOP!)
  • that God gave us this joyful little boy that I couldn't imagine our life without.


God's Girl Pearl said...

Ahhh!! When I read this, I thought of the day we were watching him through the back window of your house playing baseball with all the big kids. He is adorable. Haylee loves him too!!

Karen said...

Such a great picture of the two of you....he's grown so much since we last saw him!