Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Lego Mania Birthday

The people in our house are Lego crazed (minus Dad--I think Legos get on his nerves). So it seemed most appropriately to have a Lego party with a twist of Clone War activity for Wes' birthday. His party was Feb 8. He invited a few of his favorite fellas. Here are some pics.
Here is a picture from our family celebration on his actual birthday, Feb. 1st :
His gift from us--of course, Legos.
And then, a week later, his party: We began the party with some target practice--shooting the lego men with nerf guns. Notice everyone decked out in their Star Wars/Clone wars attire.
And last, Joshua set up an obstacle course for the Lego guy to complete. Each person had to take the Lego guy through the obstacle course. We timed them to see who could do it the fastest. Taking the boat across the water, going through the toilet paper tube tunnel, sliding down the Tech Dech ramp, jumping over Lincoln logs...this game was by far the hit of the party! And finally, the Funfetti birthday cake--a perfect end to a perfect party.

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