Friday, March 20, 2009

So far this week I've...

  • seen my four year old through hernia surgery
  • taken care of a fungus on my daughter's ear
  • watched my hubs leave on Monday
  • had a extra strong venti coffee each day he was gone
  • slept terrible because of all the coffee
  • listened to our dog bark and whine in his crate
  • tried to put the kids to bed at 8:00 sharp--somehow it never quite happened
  • wanted to yell 'shut up and leave me alone!' by the fourth day he was gone
  • grounded every one of them from every thing by thursday
  • lonely, oh so lonely (i know, put your fingers together, show me the smallest violin)
  • gave four baths to humans
  • cleaned poop out of our dog crate three times
  • gave three baths to our dog
  • cleaned poop off of his rear end--yes, that would be a total of three times
  • wondering how much I like this dog
  • gave breathing treatments and meds to all my puny children
  • held my two year old with two ear infections all evening
  • read 'don't waste your life' by John Piper
  • wasted three hours of my life on fb
  • studied about Iraq and Iran this week...reminded of how blessed we are...reminded of how many people don't know Jesus
  • listened to a radio program about the orphans in Mozambique
  • been frustrated with myself--want to help these people who have nothing instead of complaining about my problems
  • reminded of how very blessed we are even amidst all the poop
  • tried to remember what is important and not give into grouchiness during these light and momentary troubles!
  • hubs is now home...i'll be leaving shortly to go somewhere quiet and tranquil


God's Girl Pearl said...

I can relate about the dog and the poop. I am so sorry I got you into this mess. Please don't listen to me the next time I talk about getting another animal.

I have also had a lot of sickness in our family lately.

BTW, Doug has approved our mini vacation get away.

I am thankful for a friend like you. I can't believe that you volunteered to keep our children during Joe Dan's surgery and you already had your hands full this week. I know that you would do anything for me.

Love ya,

Maria said...

YES!!!!! i wonder if we could get away for two weeks?

you know i would do anything for you--and i love your children like my own except i wish i saw them more!

you want owen next week? I'm offering him up to all my favorite friends on a week by week basis. he screamed in my ear a total of 22.5 times tonight

Maria said...

btw, I don't blame you for the dog -- even though he's been a pain lately i'm still glad we got him!

Smelling Coffee said...

Oh Bless you, Maria! Bless you, your precious kids, and the poop!

:-) Jennifer

Amy said...


Sending a bubble bath, good book and peace and quiet your way!


xoxo amy

Maria said...

Thanks Amy! things looking better this week :)

Maria said...

oh and thanks Jennifer! :)