Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two Great Books!

I am reading to books simultaneously. One is 'Don't Waste Your Life' by John Piper and the other is 'Rebound Rules' by Rick Pitino. They are written for completely different audiences and one would think that they would have extremely different messages. Strangely, I am finding so many similar lessons from these two books. Both books' purpose is to motivate the reader to live life to the very fullest, no hold's bar. Of course, one book is about doing this through the working of the Holy Spirit in your life and the other gives you practical steps to do in your own strength. However, I am seeing the wisdom of interweaving the two together. I look forward to what the Lord can teach me through both of these heroic people! (and by the way, it's extra exciting reading Pitino's book right now! Go Cards!)

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