Monday, March 2, 2009

Valentine Fun

If you follow my blog (yes, all three of you out there!), then you know that February was a very sad, sad month. Eric was extra sweet and thoughtful this year. We couldn't get a babysitter (almost impossible to come by on Valentine's Day!), but no matter. Eric got the creative juices flowing and made it a family affair. First, Soph and I decorated the table. Thanks to the Dollar Tree, we were able to get festive, even giving a sweet valentine favor for each kiddo:Then, Eric wrote out the agenda for the night on our white board. So, notice 7:00ish--yep, massages for us Grogan girls! Joshua and Wes had a station for feet and Jeremiah and Eric had a station for back and head. Owen just walked around.After my head massage--
After the kids dinner and our massages, the kids got to watch Horton Hears a Who and we got to have our own private dinner--grilled steaks and asparagus---yum! Score one for Eric! Oh, then we watched a movie 'Run, Fat Man, Run'--I do not recommend it.


Amy said...

I love it! I think it beat my romantic dinner of shared meatballs at the largest Ikea in North America! :-) Hope all is well!

Cathy said...

I think you need to go into the party planning business. You are so fabulously creative!! It seems to be a family thing too.

Maria said...

Amy, I don't know...being at the largest Ikea store sounds pretty great!

Cathy, thanks for the sweet note, but trust me, creativity is not a norm around here. Surviving--we just focus on surviving :) (by the way, any creative thing you might see on here regarding birthday parties was stolen from the internet!)