Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas with the Fuquay's

Okay, this is such old news, but I had meant to post about this two weeks ago, before all of our drama. We had Christmas with all of my brothers and sister and their families here at our house this year. It was so relaxing and fun! And I loved having it here! All the kids (cousins) exchanged names and opened a gift. I loved the fact that they opened one present and also loved the fact that they were so happy just opening one gift! Another reminder of not overdoing and that less is truly more. All us girls exchanged ornaments via the Chinese Christmas exchange and all the guys did gag gifts. My brother Brian gets the prize for being the most creative:

My dad had sent a gift for all of us to open--pizza makers:

Here are all the girlies:

And here are all the kids--so many that we have to have two kid's tables!

Other pics:

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