Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Saw What I Saw

I've posted this video before but I think I need to view it at least once a week. It always gets my attention.

'...your courage asks me what I'm afraid of...your courage asks me what I'm made of..' Sara Groves


Justin P. Lewis said...

Inspiring video. I like it.

Amy said...


I made it here! It was great to see you again today! I am going to spend more time here when I have a moment. As for now, I am piling up in bed with some boys who missed their momma today! Can't wait for those babies to get here..God is blessing the Grogans!

Amy said...


Brittney said...

my heart!!!!!!!!!!!
man i really love this song and video....i hear ya about needing to watch it weekly.....sometimes it is easy to get swept up in stuff

Maria said...

Me too...I want to hear in detail sometime about your trip over break.

Loved hanging out with you today! I am going to put your blog on my blogroll so I can keep up with you!

I hear you girl--it's my heart too. I can get so frustrated trying to keep my heart there, though--it's so easily swayed!