Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas with the Grogan's

So, I know this happened about a month ago, but it takes me about that long to post something--so on my timeline I suppose it's right on time!

Here are the grandkids with Gigi and Mi:

(notice uncooperative Owen in the upper right side)

Next, a pic with Meme and Dadoo:

and let's not forget the kid's table--
Wow, Meme sure can decorate a table!
Sweet Polly!

Aunt Heat and Uncle T - love this picture!

And here is my ONLY pic from when Uncle Adam and Aunt Kelle came into town because my camera died!
and it was another great Grogan Christmas!
The End.
So, I can't get this blogger to post the correct pictures by the words but I'm tired of fooling with it!

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