Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Take a Chance on Me


Justin P. Lewis said...

My favorite clip as well.

Brittney said...

Maria! okay first have you seen the office episode where they have the fire coals and Pam walks across them?? Okay well one night while we were in India when our nightly fire was winding down a guy that lives at the house we were staying at was like I walked on coals once....and so that sparked the idea....we should do it!! So I was encouraging one of the guys to go for it....and so we spread out the coals with a stick and he went for it!!! Then another boy stepped up to the plate....then my friend Julia and I could not resist the excitement.....so we walked on hot coals....It was crazy...they were not that hot so it didn't hurt really....kind of like walking on hot sand at the beach.
Second...I thought of you while I was in India. We visited and spent a lot of time at an orphanage called Asha House (Asha is Hindi for Hope) There were 27 children living there. An Indian couple had the vision to start a home for children and it is just that...a home and they parent the children. A beautiful family full of Christ's unfailing love. I can not imagine the difficulties they face but it is such a beautiful thing as to how it all works and how God's presence is so strong amongst the children. God's love is sufficient and his grace is made perfect in weakness. My heart was encouraged and really in awe of how beautifully this household operates. In my heart I really want to have a large family and it does require sacrifice on many levels. Sacrifices I can not even imagine at this moment and probably can not until I face them. In saying all this I really just wanted to encourage you and let you know that I admire you and your obedience to the Lord with your family. There are so many lies that we fall for in America regarding all the "necessities" needed to have a large family. I have never seen anything as beautiful and spirit filled than the Asha House, with 27 precious children, who truly are family.

Maria said...

Britney--thank you for those reminders and your sweet encouragement! Keep updating us on your life--I love hearing what you are doing for Christ!