Monday, September 1, 2008

Fuquay Family Reunion #3

It was a steamy, hot day for our third annual family reunion. And mine and Eric's adult conversations were few and far between with our grouchy 18-month-old in tow (I keep telling myself, this too shall pass)! Despite the humidity and the screaming son, we enjoyed seeing all of the clan, especially the grandparents! And the kids were in cousin heaven!


devin said...

Wow so many little ones! That is a picture you will surely cherish as they all get older.

Thank you for the invite to your church- that was so thoughtful of you. My boyfriend and I are currently looking for a church home... I have been attending Southeast but it's too big for him! So we have been visiting- we will definitely have to stop by one sunday!

Shannon said...

Precious family photo.