Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just in Case Your Wondering...

As I was sitting in a bath tub full of ice freezing my buns off (ice baths are supposed to help with pain after long runs), I thought about the things marathon training is wreaking havoc on:

  • my hair. Running with my hair stuffed up under a hat creates a mixture of dried up sweat + day old gel that ends of looking like a bird's nest gone haywire.
  • my feet. Black toenails and blisters that looks like a bunyans growing out of the side of my foot is exactly what it sounds like-- U-G-L-Y
  • my afternoon coffee break. Running when Eric gets home from work after coffee causes one upset stomach.

Just thought you'd want to know.


Charlotte said...

As I was running my 3 boring miles on the treadmill this afternoon (chose not to run outside in the wind that Ike is bringing our way) I thought and prayed for you the whole time... I am inspired by your determination, compassion & heart for the cause you are running for! Kip read your fundraising letter yesterday and we are going to sponsor a child in honor of your run... such a great way to teach us as well as our children how amazingly blessed we are and to spread that blessing to another! I'll be in Louisville Oct 2-6 and hope to see you! Until then... RUN MARIA RUN!

Maria said...

Wow! Thank you so much--that made my day! Heather just told me the other day that you have been doing Triathlons--that is SO impressive. I am excited you are coming in town. I will get the low down from Amy or Anna and make plans to see you!
Again, Thank you!

rhonda said...

which is why i'll stick to my 3.5 miles instead of the long ones!! my goal is weight loss - not misery!!! hahah!!!!!

Maria said...

Hey, 3.5 miles is no joke! Way to go!!!

Gods Girl Pearl said...

Last 1/2 Marathon Will and Testament:

I will you my favorite Ipod running tunes.

I will you my little roll of toilet paper to take with you for the long port-o-john lines. Hee!!

I will you my old jacket that you can throw away when get past that first mile.

I will you my sports beans and gel that never really helped me.

I will you my nasty old sweaty hat.

I will you my scripture notecards.

I will you my motrin, band aids, sportscream, future hip replacement.

Just kidding!!! I know you are more of a woman than I was.

Maria said...

I will gladly accept all but the sweaty hat and hip replacement--these two I'm working on myself! Thanks for making me laugh--and you continue to be my inspiration for running the 1/2 marathon...I am still SO impressed!