Saturday, September 27, 2008

You've GOT to see this movie!

Eric and Joshua are camping tonight. So, I got a babysitter (yippee!) and a friend and I went to see 'Fireproof' tonight--Oh my goodness, this movie is a must see! I am going to go see it again with Eric--I am not one to go and see a movie twice, but it is that good! Actually, it is not 'good' it is 'God'--He is ALL over this movie! So, go see it! Go now!


heatherbates said...

YES YES YES!!!! I have been thinkking about the movie so much. I have talked Trents head off about it...he loved it too. He did comment that he wishes Allen Thicke played the part of the Dad (that was the Dad from Growing Pains-Ha Ha!)
I knew I would love the message as a Christian, But I also really loved the movie itself, it was well written, well done, funny engaging and SO GREAT!!!!!

Maria said...

Trent cracks me up!
We will have to get together and discuss it. I bought the Truth Dare for Eric and I yesterday.

God's Girl Pearl said...

Maria~ Doug and I also loved the movie. I bought the "Love Dare" book yesterday as well. Besides the Bible, this will probably be the most important book that I ever buy.