Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The affects of Hurricane Ike rolled into our town and I got to see what I am made of for the last three days, as we have not had electricity since Sunday afternoon! It began as a fun thing, grilling out with our neighbors, playing flashlight tag in the yard, letting the kids have a slumber party in Soph's room. However, for me, the fun waned about 5:00 pm, day #2. I became grouchy without my usually daily intake of caffeine, grouchy that our homeschooling day was chaotic and out of control with no electricity, grouchy that there was a gross mildewy smell coming from our kitchen and grouchy at the fact that we had no hot water for showers. Day #3 rolled around. It started off a bit rough but got better as the day progressed (was the better attitude because I was finally resigned to the fact that our electricity might be off for a while or because we had grilled everything grillable and from this point forward we were eating lunch and dinner out?) Honestly, because I LOVE going out for meals, I think the latter had more bearing on my change of mood. Tonight, as we drove home from eating dinner (OUT :) ), we were pleasantly surprised to round the corner of our neighborhood to beacon of lights shining from the windows of our home. Hooray! Hooray! We could hardly contain ourselves--at least Eric and I...our kids on the other hand, were kind of sad...they had been enjoying the endless playing outside with neighbors, campfires in the backyard, roasting smores, eating all of our meals outside, sleeping together at night. Sophie even prayed today that the electricity wouldn't come back on for awhile. Wow. My kids handle adversity better than I do. This week I learned I have far to go in the arena of 'roughing' it. I definitely had more moments of wimpiness than I care to admit...these past three days showed me the height and depth of my spoiledness.


Charlotte said...

You are so not a wimp! We were without power for 8 days after Gustav hit Baton Rouge. We fortunately had a generator to run some stuff, but with 90something degree temperatures, I was over it after the first day! I was never so happy to run a vacuum, dishwasher, washing machine in all my life!... It's just so bizarre that here 3 weeks later, my sweet friends in Louisville are now dealing with the chaos in the aftermath of Ike! The pictures of Haiti and Galveston make my heart hurt. Take care and as we like to say around here... TGFE (Thank God for Electricity)!

Maria said...

Okay, I know I couldn't take 90 something weather--at least it was nice and cool here! Thanks for not thinking I am a wimp :) Thanks for your sweet comments--I like keeping up with you this way!
can't wait to see you!