Monday, September 1, 2008

Time with the Stouts = FUN

This weekend we went back to Eric's hometown, Murray, KY for his 20th high school class reunion. One of his best friends in his class, Richard, invited our whole family to hang out with their family at their parent's lake house on Saturday. It has been years since we've gotten to hang out with them and years since we've seen his parents and brother's family. I just love this family. First of all, their middle name is hospitality. They make you feel warm and invited the moment you set foot in their home. And they are just comfortable to be around. You can just be yourself. Everyone is low key and laid back and just so fun. Also, they are all about their family. You can just see it in the grandparents face and just in the way they interact. I felt so priveleged to get to be apart of this close knit family's get together this weekend. They are comfortably contagious--when you leave you don't really want to leave....I hope that one day our children will feel this way about Eric and I! Also, this is the first time I've really gotten to hang out with Richard's wife, Kate and I so enjoyed hanging out with her! I wish we could all get together more often! Now that we got a taste of it this weekend, maybe we'll make it happen again sometime in the future--I hope so! Stout family--you guys rock! Our kids had a blast--they haven't quit talking about it!

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